J. Edmund Bryak is a graduate of Temple University Law School in Philadelphia, PA.  He also holds a BA in History from Eureka College.  Before becoming an attorney, he served as an infantry rifleman in the US Army, completing two tours of duty in the Iraq War and was awarded an Army Commendation Medal for his service.

He has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in civil lawsuits.  While working in civil litigation he worked on a wide variety of cases, including defending the City of Philadelphia against slip-and-fall claims, representing some of the nation's largest delivery companies, and multi-million dollar asbestos litigation.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Ed Bryak has served as lead attorney for clients facing charges such as assault, shoplifting, drug possession, DUI/DWI, criminal mischief, indecent exposure, theft, forgery and rape.

Mr. Bryak's practice currently focuses on representing individuals charged with traffic-related violations and plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits.

Toshinori Isoai is Of-Counsel to Bryak & Associates. His law practice at the firm focuses on representing individuals in traffic-related matters and DUI proceedings. 

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Isoai was associated with various law firms in New York and New Jersey, representing individual clients and commercial entities in criminal and civil matters. His work and representation include numerous corporate transactions (involving formation, dissolution, sales and purchase of business assets), drafting and negotiation of commercial leases (bar/restaurants/office spaces), real estate transactions (such as sale/purchase of condominium and cooperative units, residential houses, etc) and civil disputes (including negotiation with adversaries, court appearances, conferences, motions, oral arguments, and depositions).

Mr. Isoai also maintains his offices for his independent law practice in Bergen County, New Jersey as well as Rockland County, New York, with a primary focus on representing clients charged with DUI, drug possession, and traffic-related matters.

Mr. Isoai is fluent in Japanese. He has written numerous law articles in Japanese publications.

Logan Terry has over 16 years experience defending thousands of clients in NJ Municipal and Superior Courts.  He specializes in the defense of traffic, misdemeanor and felony-level charges, working tirelessly to protect the constitutional rights of his clients.  He has proven many times that he will fight to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.  Mr. Terry has a winning Jury Trial record and has negotiated beneficial plea agreements in thousands of cases.  He has also succeeded in Family Court by protecting the innocent from onerous Final Restraining Orders.

As a direct descendant of some of America's founding fathers, Mr. Terry comes from a long line of Americans who hold the principle of "innocent until proven guilty" as an inalienable right to be protected with constant vigilance.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Law Degree from Rutgers Law School.  

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